We help startups refine their business plans and provide them feedback from a panel of successful entrepreneurs and VCs for their ventures to be successful.

Everything You Want

Get what you need to be successful with your startup.


Business Plan

Make a presentation to clearly show your idea and why you can do it.

  • Business Proposal
  • Team
  • Competition
  • Leverage
  • Market
  • Progress
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Participate in events to network with others intersted in entrepreneurship. 

  • Attend mentorship breakfasts
  • Attend succesfull leaders stories session
  • Participate in Business Plan reviews
  • Participate in Launchpad events
  • Volunteer in OPEN organization

launchpad Event

Submit your business plan to 

  • Have your business plan meet the basic structure
  • Have your plan reviewed by VCs
  • Get feedback on your plans
  • Present your plan to a panel of VCs
  • Get feedback on what is lacking
  • Potentially get a VC back you up for inventment
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Build your Startup

Get valuable information on how to build your startup

  • Discuss with peers setting up companies
  • Learn about resources on incubation, Angle funding etc.
  • Meet people who may want to work with you
  • Learn from other people experiences
  • Know how to setup your company for investors