OPEN SV is proud to launch a Trusted Partner Network initiative with a mission to promote ethical, trustworthy business in local and international markets.

The objective is to build a community of Trusted Partners business Network that are interested in expanding their business locally and internationally  by promoting their product and services in the network and by using and promoting services and product of companies in the network.

Member Requirements

  1. Two businesses within the OTPN or two OPEN Silicon Valley Charter Member must recommend the company for membership
  2. The company must be in good standing in the jurisdiction where it is formed
  3. The company must commit to high ethical standards and the best interests of clients, and must be willing to share resources and knowledge with other members of the OTPN
  4. The company must have at least one point of contact that other OTPN members can reach out to
  5. The company must have a clear policy for resolving conflicts
  6. The company must agree to participate in at least one local or international event to promote its products
  7. The company must agree to refer other OTPN members' products and services to clients and to provide referrals to OTPN members