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Founded in 2001 by a group of Pakistani American entrepreneurs and corporate executives, OPEN Silicon Valley, or Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America, is a not-for-profit dedicated to providing educational programs, career coaching, business mentoring and network opportunities for our members in the Bay Area. OPEN provides a gateway to rewarding connections and accessibility to influential members in our community.


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  • Umair Khan
    We are thankful to Umair Khan and Moment Ventures for a great hands-on learning session on startups and entrepreneurship. Umair Khan hosted 10 OPEN-Silicon Valley members this morning at his Moment Ventures office in Palo Alto. Umair advised attendees on finding co-founders, first customer acquisition, go-to-market strategies, (narrow down) market segment, customer feedback, business plan, and dealing with startup stress in personal life. We learned about the Desirable, the Feasible, and the Viable of solution. He later also reviewed pitch-to-VC slides of a startup team. Books and case studies recommended or mentioned by Umair: -'The Startup Playbook' by Sam Altman of Y-Combinator -Disney Guestology -Google - simple search box vs portal -quickbook - customer feedback -Pinterest - Ben Silbermann's unusual customer feedback methods -Zareen's - catering business to three bayarea restaurants -NetSuite to Oracle acquisition
    Umair Khan
  • OPEN has played a much larger role... It has created a lot of inspiration, a lot of guidance and a Mentor-ship network that has benefited everyone including myself
    Mudassir Sheikha
    Co-founder, Careem
  • I came to OPEN with an idea, and since then have raised $20 million for my startup
    Fahad Aziz
    Founder, CareMerge
  • I volunteered for four years and attended several events and made great connections.
    Andaleeb Ahmed
    Founder, Trendzay
  • What's unique about OPEN is that it inspires you to pursue your passion
    Momina Duraid
    CEO, Momina Duraid Productions
  • OPEN brings people together and creates a platform to exchange ideas.
    Faran Tahir
    Hollywood Actor

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